I think you should read up more on systemic racism.
Noah Skocilich

I hear you, but look at the definition of systemic racism first.

The term Systemic Racism was created by the US sociologist named Joe Feagin.

In his book his introduces systemic racism as this: “Systemic racism includes the complex array of anti-black practices, the unjustly gained political-economic power of whites, the continuing economic and other resource inequalities along racial lines, and the white racist ideologies and attitudes created to maintain and rationalize white privilege and power. Systemic here means that the core racist realities are manifested in each of society’s major parts […] each major part of U.S. society — the economy, politics, education, religion, the family — reflects the fundamental reality of systemic racism.”

Now combined this with other definitions, like those found on racism.org and other similar sites, systemic racism is the creation and existence of policies, practices economic and political structures which place a minority racial and ethnic group at a disadvantage in relation to the racial and ethnic majority.

With that in mind, how does system racism work here? Because from this I would say for the last number of decades white people (8% of the population according to statistics) in our country has been the minority. The current black government (country is statistically 80% black) has implemented and maintained policies, practices and economic and political structures favour non-white/black people. So clearly systemic racism is being applied to the white people in our country.

But this doesn’t answer the question I asked, and I’ll quote myself again:

“I’m wondering though, with deteriorating basic education, will the alleged modern victims of our society ever learn they are the creators of their own destiny and pillaging those who work hard for a living is not going to change their circumstance?”