The Truth About Breakfast
P. D. Mangan

I’m glad more people are talking about this.

Your body is not what you eat, its what your body does with what you eat. All these sugary (or high carb or “fibre our bodies need but cannot use”) breakfast meals are more a marketing scam than anything else.

The problem why breakfast is the most important is that it’s impossible to miss it or skip it. Breakfast is technically defined as your first meal after a period of fasting which is generally more than 8 hours. You can controlled your body and the way it responds quite quickly with that first meal after a period of fasting.

Now, marketing made sure most people see this period of fasting when you sleep and that you need the energy after the fast which is consequently always in the morning according to marketing messages.

Fact is, breakfast could be any time of the day, night, morning or afternoon. So stop thinking about eating at certain periods of time and start eating only when you are hungry. You also need to eat the right meals or combination which will not cause you harm.

Ultimately, the nutrition you feed your body after a fast determines is important, making it the most important meal.

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