Sometimes you think technology companies are supposed to be run by smart people… but we get proven wrong everyday.

Why is it that so-called CEO‘s or executive management of companies tend to be so disillusional? How can they not see what is happening? Are they being lied to and make decisions based on lies?

There are so many questions. At first when I heard Jack Dorsey returned to Twitter, I thought good. Looking back at it… is he perhaps one of the worst CEO’s of decade? What makes a CEO?

I think people should start learning from their mistakes and stop writing about what makes CEO wealthy, successful or how they operate daily. They should also write about how their bad decisions are. Write about how bad the obsession with getting up early can be extremely unhealthy. Write about how CEO’s cost people their livelihoods because they didn’t want to listen.

I’ve been an avid promoter of use Twitter rather than Facebook in recent years. I’ve done this because Facebook and the people who use Facebook started to annoy me, extremely.

Facebook stopped listening to the people and started to push their own agenda. To such an extent that their so called algorithms were failing and the started to force you to use them aka Top Posts. It’s a disaster.

What made Twitter beautiful in comparison was the short posts. People’s creativity to say something quick, concise and without all the noise. You could view the posts/tweets in a chronological order which was easy to follow.

Now enter Jack… At this point in time I wish it was Jack Daniel’s. Unfortunately, to our dismay, it’s Jack Dorsey. To his own credit, he started something great and have made millions. Which is inspiring. That’s where it ends. My opinion and experience would think he has grown arrogant and ignorant to what is going on in reality.

Rather than making Twitter to be more like Twitter, he looked at Facebook and told investors we will become Facebook to make you rich.

Twitter users aren’t too excited about this.

I say this in confidence because of all the #RIPTwitter articles, stories and posts. People don’t want this.

The latest insult is the Facebook Top Posts algorithm that Twitter wants to replicate. Most I believe don’t care about this. There are other features Twitter users want. It doesn’t take much to just listen to what people want. I’ve read on multiple occasions how people complain that if Twitter would only read tweets on their own system how they can fix Twitter. Give people what they want and it will automatically grow.

A great product sells itself. You don’t have to market as much. Seems like Twitter is failing at understanding this.

Currently #RIPTwitter is dominating the headlines, and I get it, controversy sells. Let’s start something more positive, perhaps then we can truly see Twitter improve.

In summary…

Dear Twitter and Jack Dorsey,
Stop trying to make Twitter turn into Facebook. Nobody really like Facebook. Please listen to your existing devoted users, not your so-called UX experts who do not listen to the users.
Let’s stand together and #SaveTwitter
Yours Sincerely,
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