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This reads more like product placement, I used to have sleep problems and Im afraid the cure does not involve gadgets, gurus, or indeed advertising revenue

So perhaps a little boring for a blog site

But here goes my recipe no caffeine after 6 pm, go to bed at the same time every night ( the time is your choice not mine) get your evening meal over and done with early certainly before 7pm and if you are going to bed angry stay up until the worst growls have gone

What Im saying in effect is that routine kills insomnia unless there is a medical reason why your brain will not switch off so chill , relax do the same things at the same time every night especially in the last hour and eventually , it takes time to bed in (pun intended) your mind expects to be heading towards sleep at that time….and you do

Wake up at the back! Im finished with this rant

Off to the land of Nod with you

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