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One of the most frequently asked questions is where is the best place to invest. Sifting through all the data the answer that consistently comes up is technology. Here is one reason why. Big name American technology companies like Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google represent almost half the market weighted value of the Nasdaq Composite.

Today the value of the so called FANG stocks is nearly $2.25 trillion. Investing $10,000 in Netflix as recently as 2014 translates into $34,823 today. Twenty years ago, three of FANG companies either did not exist or were early stage startups.

Consider this point also. Over the past five years, the tech heavy Nasdaq Composite has risen a healthy 76.6% or 15%+ annually. The broader S&P 500 did well but managed a more modest 50.8% or 10% annually. So this is one of those investment questions with an easy answer: tech stocks are the undisputed winners. …

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Alternative investments expert Gareth Henry has recently written an article on Medium extolling the virtues of UCITS funds for investment managers looking for a cost-effective way to address the European markets. By standardising the regulatory procedures which investment managers must follow when marketing their funds, the UCITS legislation enables funds which qualify under its guidelines to be marketed throughout the EU without the need to complete new regulatory paperwork in each country.

In his article, Henry discusses the benefits this streamlined approach offers both for European money managers as well as those based in the U.S. …


Gareth Henry

Financial Executive | Expert in Private Credit and Hedge Funds | Based in New York City & London

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