My ultimate, foolproof, gaurunteed guide to avoiding failure [Day 11]

Our attitude to failure is clearly wrong. We see failure as something terrible. It’s something to be avoided at all costs. It’s something to be ashamed of.

And it’s not just us adults. The children I work with fear failure too.

They tend to give things a go, but if there’s a sense they might not be able to do it (lack of skills, shortage of time, past experience, etc.) their initial strategy is to give up. The fear of failure paralyses them. It’s better to quit. To not even try.

There’s a very easy way to avoid failure. It’s foolproof. And it comes 100% gaurunteed… Never try.

If you never try, you can never fail. Do things you’ve done plenty of times before. Do things that are easy. Do things where the risk of failure is tiny.

But what if we look at it differently? How about if failure IS something to be proud of. What if it was a signal to the world that you tried, that you did something different, that you were attempting to do something right at the edge of what was possible?

For the rest of the month, what would happen if you aimed to fail at 10 things? You need to be honest, and go for things that have a chance of success. No point in saying I failed to levitate 40 foot off the ground. That was never going to happen (unless you work in the jet pack industry).

If the goal is to do things where you might fail, failure isn’t an issue. And the upside of this is that some of these radical ideas will probably work. You will succeed. Not at everything. But when failure isn’t the issue, success becomes so much more possible.