Podcasts [Day 4]

I can honestly say that within the last couple of years, there are probably only a couple of days where I haven’t listened to a podcast.

I love them.

My favourite has to be The Frank Skinner Show. It’s a podcast from his radio show, which goes out live each Saturday morning. I listen to the new ones at least twice. And I’m always working my way back through old ones too.

It’s a very funny show, and completely different to anything else I’ve ever listened to.

Frank is an incredibly interesting guy. A recovering alcoholic (sober for more than 30 years), a very successful comedian, a victim of the 2007 financial crash, a literary man, holder of 4 degrees, and more.

The podcast often makes me laugh out loud (even on the 4th or 5th time of listening), but it also led to my discovery of the poet A. E. Housman.

I listen in the car, and at home, but I do wish Sonos would sort out their set-up so that I can listen through the speakers in my home.

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