Seth Godin [Day 5]

I’m currently working my way through the excellent Seth Godin’s Startup School podcasts. I love everything Seth does, as it always leaves me feeling massively motivated and, usually, with lots of thoughts in my head.

Here are a few gems I jotted down last night:

  • Your job is not to find more customers. Your job is to find more products for your customers.
  • When thinking about what you are selling, and who you are selling to… have these people actually paid money for something like this before?
  • The difference between freelancers (paid by the hour) and entrepreneurs (building something bigger than themselves, making money while they sleep, etc.).
  • Being 10% better is such an easy way to beat the competition. On the extra mile, the road is a lot quieter.

(That last one was from something I heard a few days ago, but I jotted it down last night and wanted to included it. 😜).