Adjusters Are NOT Responsible

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Adjusters are not responsible for the final work product.

Here is an excerpt from a recent call I had with a client. The adjuster with Mercury insurance underbid his repairs by at least $10,000. Mercury insurance also made him move back into his home despite having no kitchen, and with all his contents and cabinets filling his living room.

Not cool buddy. Not cool at all.

(Client): Any advice on what to expect on a claim like mine would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

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Tough to say without pictures. 30–40k maybe

Jul 19 2016 7:45 PM

(Client): The adjuster normally bids that low? Cognitive dissonance.

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No adjuster is the history of adjusting has ever been responsible for the
work that needs to be actually done.

If they don’t have to build it or warranty it three years from now, what
frame of reference do they have to actual costs?

The only folks who can honestly give a cost estimate are those that are
actually willing to do the work — all of it — for the price they quote.

The problems arise when you have “program” contractors, who are willing to
compromise the quality of their work, and their integrity, by fitting a
project into an unrealistically low “adjuster” estimate.

“We’ll do it for that,” actually means, “We’ll cut enough corners on YOUR project in order
to make the adjuster look good.”

*Andy McCabe*

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