Left Brain, Right Brain: Huge Sales Gain

STRAIGHT LINE — It’s a truism that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

But how true is that when emotion comes into play?

And in effective copy, emotion is definitely an important part of the mix.

Sometimes, “emotional logic” makes no sense at all when you analyze it from a rational, logical point of view.

Imagine you had a home security product or service. You tell your prospect “You’ll feel better when you have ___[name of product or service]__ on your side.” Yes, that line might reassure a lot of fence-sitters into calling you — even into buying.

The pure logical thinker might have a lot of problems with that, though.

“How much better will I feel when I have to dial in a code every time I leave the house or come home? It will just remind me of all the dangers that are threatening my home security. And that will make me feel more nervous than I was before.”

And yet, the logical thinker would have a hard time arguing successfully with an a/b split test that showed the ad performed better with the “non-logical” “emotional logic” piece — than without it.

On the other hand (my left brain has just seized control of this post), how effective — in terms of sales — will ANY copy be without a “straight line” “golden thread” — which is to say, a logical progression of arguments, complete with adequate proof?

That straight line, that golden thread — they’re the province of pure logic, not that smooshy touchy-feely stuff.

I’ve come to the conclusion that good copy is an artful mix of the logical and the (non-logical) emotional. To some degree, yes, it’s a formula (sell with emotion, justify with facts). But in many cases, without the knowing, yet impossible to formularize, touch of making it appealing to your prospect, in a human way… it will bomb.

Agree? Disagree?

David Garfinkel is a veteran coach of professional copywriters and business owners who are familiar and comfortable with direct response marketing. For more information, visit Garfinkel Coaching.