When You Need To Write Copy And You Can’t Get Started, Try This

STUCK — In response to a recent post I wrote, a number of people said that their biggest problem with writing copy was getting started.

If that’s your situation, I’ve got something for ya.

I’ve used this with a number of coaching and critique clients, and it almost always works.

I’m planning to include it in some content I’m developing, so I figured… why not share it here first?

The biggest mistake most people make when they write copy is that they start with their product, or with benefits, or with their headline, or with anything and everything but…

Their prospect.

Prospect As Person

Try starting with your prospect. Actually think of a person you know (or go to the trouble of meeting someone and getting to know them) — someone who would be an ideal prospect for what you’re selling.

Next: Discover what their biggest PROBLEM is, that they’re aware of, that your offer could solve for them.

Notice the way they talk about it. The words they use.

Then, write out how your product or service solves that problem.

And what is it about the way your product or service solves the problem that is in some way preferable to other solutions they are looking at or have already tried.

Maybe… it’s cheaper. Maybe, it’s faster. Maybe, it’s safer. Maybe… well, you get the idea.

Step Away

Take your information, put it in a folder, and get away from your desk or your computer. Literally. Take a walk, take a shower, watch some TV, go to the gym… anything, to get your mind off this for a little while.

A whole day, if you can.

Then, come back to your copy. Use the process you normally use to write your copy… but this time, with your unconscious mind armed with three powerful energy sources:

1. Knowledge of WHO your prospect is. Actually visualizing a real person, if at all possible.

2. Knowledge of WHAT your prospect’s problem is. The way THEY talk about it.

3. Knowledge of HOW your offer solves your prospect’s problem, better than anything else available.

A Conversation

Write your copy like you were talking, one-on-one, to your prospect (an actual person you know).

Give this a try… see if it gets you started like a rocket taking off.

And check back here if it does. Let the rest of the world know if it worked, or not. Thanks.

David Garfinkel is a veteran coach of professional copywriters and business owners who are familiar and comfortable with direct response marketing. To apply for coaching or copy critiques, visit Garfinkel Coaching.