Here’s the truth about wine. You may be just like me and cars. Someone who wants to drink something fruity and fresh on a terrace in summer or rich and red with your steak at night. Who should care what you’re drinking? Only you should! Quaff away, slurp if you want. Hell use a straw and mix it with 7up for all I care. Are you smiling when you do it? Are your friends laughing with you? Great. You did it right.
On Wine. A tragedy.
Ryan Opaz

This is probably the most important aspect of dining with friends, or anyone for that matter. I’m not at your level of wine knowledge. I’m a wine lover who happens to know a great deal about wine, and being a restaurateur (French cuisine), I have to be able to respond to questions from customers and friends alike. I always respond wiht a question: What is it that you want out of your wine? Most often, folks at a table just want to enjoy someone else’s company. Just about any bottle of wine will enhance that experience :-)

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