Day Number Eight

It’s been one week since I’ve committed to this challenge, and here’s what I’ve learned so far.

1. I still love to write.

There is nothing better than sitting down, getting out of the way and letting story tumble out and onto the page. When I’m in a groove, it’s as if I will combust should I decide not to let the expression flow. I love creating. I love exploring as I go…back spacing until I find THE right word and marching on with gusto when I do.

2. I’m more disciplined than I thought.

I actually have no problem sitting down to write. I feel energized and alive, no matter how tired I am. I’m learning the challenge is less about commitment and more about inspiration.

3. Inspiration is hard to come by.

I have a job. And it’s a great job, but man, the routine is an inspiration killer. Some might think me whiny, but I think being a creative in a world where bills need to be paid and lifestyle is important, it’s a tricky balance. Still figuring this one out…

4. Never underestimate the simmer. Sometimes it’s good to let things marinate. Putting work out there before it’s ready is like forgoing the much needed hem on your pants because you just want to wear them. (Dirty bottoms, anyone?)

They don’t call it process for nothing. And maybe there’s some trust sprinkled in for good measure. A writer writes, right? So far so good. And only 22 days to go.

Author note: shout out to Brian Zucker Fuhr for his input on this one…Thanks, Brian!

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