Time Flies When You’re Creating…

According to my calculations, today is Day 15 of my 30-day writing challenge. And while I haven’t posted since since March 18th, I’ve still been writing.

That’s the funny thing about doing. Sometimes, the doing creates attraction. I work in a brand strategy firm. My official title is administrative, but I’ve dabbled in some copywriting, proofreading and even some voice over — all of which I do on the side as a freelancer as well.

About a week after I began this challenge, I was asked to lend my voice to a client project. I said yes, because I am committed to being creative, and frankly, I’ll take it where I can get it. From there, it just kept going. My boss asked for my input on the copy we were writing for the very voice over I agreed to do. Again, I said — “YES.”

It’s been a helluva week, and I can promise you that the days I didn’t post here were because I was busy writing, editing and lending my creative voice to this project. I’m exhausted and exhilarated.

I’m also grateful to have had the opportunity to be creative in real time. Think of it as the old “applying what you’ve learned” motto. It’s nice to be able to write for myself, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t thrill me to have to deliver in a high-stakes situation. Whether it’s through words on paper or words out loud, I love to create.

And don’t misunderstand, the days not dedicated to posting here, were filled with actual writing. It’s reminded me that action begets movement. So, for me, I’m less inclined to stress about how great the stuff I post here is (though, I take pride in what share). I’m just glad I’m doing it.

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