She is not a babe, she is more

“The future is in your hearts and in your hands. God is entrusting to you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, of working with Him in the building of the civilization of love.” -St John Paul II

One of the main mistake that we as guys can make is looking at females as babes. Let’s talk about why?
While physical beauty is truly a gift from God and we as males might be attracted to that and we might turn our head around once in a while (which we shouldn’t, but we’ll leave this for another time), we should learn the true meaning of beauty. While the secular and popular music might praise the idea to objectify a woman and turn them into nothing less than a sexual object for our nightly fun, this is not what we should do. We should live up to the call of manhood. The call of manhood is not the idea of upholding ‘machismo’ rather it is the call to be God-like. Real strength does not come from the size of your muscles, the miles you run nor the weight you can lift, real strength comes from your character.

But, before I ramble more I will go back to why she is not a babe. First, I will tell you what she is. She is: beautiful, adorable, smart, astonishing, but above all of those, she is a princess, daughter of a King, daughter of God. She is not a babe because she cannot be simplified to such a degrading word. She is not just a physical body, she is also a human being with emotions, and she also has a soul. To simply reduce a female to a single word is to miss the goal-line. I will explain this in common language for guys. In a football game, there are 11 players on the field, in order to score a goal, the 11 players must work together. A player alone doesn’t matter how good he is, he alone does not make the team, and just as well, a physical characteristic does not tell the whole story, nor describes an entire person.

When we focus alone on a woman’s physical beauty, we are not seeking to approach them to know them, in reality, we are doing nothing more than disrespecting her and most likely trying to spend a night with her. This is when we fail as a man, we fail not because we are simple minded but because we forget God is her father, and would you let a boy like you do the same thing to your daughter? We are called to live up to the call. What is the call? Well to begin, the call is not calling girls babes… the call is to be transformed into someone who reflects Jesus Christ, and last time I checked there isn’t a verse in the Bible where Jesus called someone ‘babe’.