Mobile and Insurance are Interdependent

Study from business and customer perspective

Mobile-phones have become the prime device to perform the basic as well as big tasks of life. A person starts his day with a good morning message on his phone. Further, the social sites remind him the list of things to do that particular day like email for meeting and calls to be met, reminder to pay premiums, electricity bill, dear one’s message to order a cake for someone’s birthday party etc. Generally, all the monetary and important functions are performed or reminded by the mobile.

Today our life rotates around our mobile phones as everything is connected to it. This expresses the importance of phone in one’s life. As we all are aware that every important thing in one’s life should be insured. Hence, the mobile phones should also be insured. A sudden screen crash, phone breakage, can shake you as all your schedule is related to it. At such moments the only savior is the insurance. The expensive phones and the amount of valuable data users store on their devices, make insurance mandatory.

Mobile insurance talks about such facilities which help you to attain your mobile back, in the running condition after breakage, screen crash, dropped in water etc. Talking about benefits of Mobile insurance, here few of them are jotted down:

l A relief from the stress of losing all the benefits and data, as the insurance company serves you with the best service, to get the mobile in working condition.

l It relieves from extra expense (which was not mentioned in your budget).

l Insurance is a mental peace for sudden forthcoming expenditure.

As per a recent survey:

ü The internet in phone has become a particular priority for insurers as the emphasis of researchers on the growing e-commerce and online shopping, 14% to 39% growth in online shopping is expected.

ü The fast service of phone promotion is expected to 91%, in next two years.

ü The quotes are regularly checked by the phone users as mobile users frequently check their mobiles. An increase of 70% in offering quotes online in expected in next two years.

ü As social media are the ever expanding medium, it is the best mode for promoting any product. As smartphone users are generally always online on social sites.

What Mobile Insurance have to offer you?

Policy Coverage: Insurance against Accidental damage & Accidental Fluid damage. Insurance company in the event of following happenings to the Insured Mobile Phone will approve for repairing or replacing mobile phone handset with same or similar handset or at their option , will arrange for payment if the handset :

· Faces accidental and physical damage which is an Insured Equipment and/ or such damage cause’s mobile handset to stop working.

· Fails to work because accidentally a fluid has entered its internal circuitry, resulting in stoppage of the insured mobile phone handset.

· Besides, Tablets without SIM connectivity are insured against Accidental Physical Damage and Accidental Fluid Damage only.

We suggest you to go for Mobile Insurance Product.

With that, you will feel free to use your phone. It covers Physical damage, Accidental Damage, Liquid damage at reasonable rates.