Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Massage Chairs

Massage, a process of pressing and rubbing your skin, ligaments, muscles and tendons, helps in relaxing your body, soothing your body and relieving from tension. Unlike earlier days, it is no longer a luxury for the rich that’s available only at expensive spas. Over time, it has gained popularity due to its numerous health benefits.

Due to hectic schedules in the day to day lives, at many instances, people needing a massage for their well-being miss out on them. Motorized massage chairs come as an advantage at such instances. The massage chairs relax its user by providing basic massage strokes, similar to that of a professional therapist, through electronic vibrators.

Like every other machine available, massage chairs also comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


· Reduces pressure on nerves by aligning the spine: Major nerves run through the vertebrae. Pressure on the spine puts pressure on the nerves in the vertebrae, thus compressing them. The massage chair supports the spine by helping the back maintain a horizontal position and thus relaxes it. As the spine relaxes and lengthens, the each vertebra regains its natural alignment and the nerves are freed from pressure.

· Relaxes muscles and maintains good posture: Massage chairs corrects imbalances in muscles and relieves its pain by performing several kinds of therapeutic strokes on them. A strained muscle tends to cause pressure and pain on muscles around it as well. This causes an uncomfortable posture, reduced balance and decrease in mobility of the body. All of these problems are solved after a session on the massage chair.

· Relieves from stress: Poor mental well-being, sleeplessness, depression, high blood pressure, poor appetite and many more problems result from stress. A soothing session on the massage chair helps the person relax and relieves its user from stress.

· Improved circulation: Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells and organs that promotes healing and removal of toxins from the body. Studies show a stronger immune system through increased circulation. Massage chairs improve circulation of blood throughout the body.

· Convenience and privacy: Having a massage chair at home allows its user to take a massage at the comfortable surroundings of the house at any convenient time.


· Less effective: In spite of its numerous adjustments and functionalities, there are multiple problems or pains that can only be relieved with the understanding of a licensed masseuse.

· Limited functions: There are spots where the vibrators of the massage chair cannot reach. For pain and discomfort at such spots, help from a masseuse will be required.

· Limited maximum user weight: Most massage chairs have the maximum weight of the user mentioned on it. This restricts the persons with more weight from using these chairs.