When He said ‘‘You are Making My family Away from me’’.

He Said — You are not accepting My family… She was quiet…

A girl who left her family because of her love (Husband/ Partner ) and to spread her love to the other family.

Not even single time she thought that Relations with blood only matters in life.

Always she prepares herself to welcome new relation after her marriage.

She was always taking care of both families without any differences because she felt lucky to getting two mom and dad and a big family.

One day He said — You are making me away from My family.

She did not say anything to him.

When he came back in evening from office he just got a letter from Her -

“My Love I tried and still I am trying to make this family mine. I am not gonna do fight with you because always proofs are not required to explain love, affection, and care.

Please check your father is a patient of Diabetes and his medicines are in his Almira in second drawer. Please remember to give him two times in a day.

And Your father was saying that it’s a long time that we have not planned any trip so I have booked the tickets of Resort for this weekend I hope you will get leaves.

So will have too much fun and dinner together…

And please make sure about Sangeeta (His sister), she has exams now in this upcoming month and she will require your help so please try to wake up early in the morning to make a cup of tea for her as she will study in morning. And you have to drop her to college as well during her exams.

And yes, you have to meet with Dr. Sharma you know na your mom having a problem of knee pain so you have to talk about operation formalities and all stuff.

And You know what oops I think you are not aware grand mom started Morning walk recently as she was feeling better changes in her health. so make sure you will go with her. Don’t let her go alone, please.

And please take care about our pet Tiger too and his food. In these days he is becoming too naughty even not taking food properly.

And the most Important I forgot My love, your mom was saying she wants to meet with her sister as she was missing her badly since last 1 month so…

I am going with her so that she will feel better don’t worry My love, I will come soon and I drive safely because she is My MOM too.

This all was not at all an answer to your question or I should say your opinion…

I was simply asking that if it is not my Family only yours then ‘’Who I Am”

I Am just taking care of our Family …

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