WTC Offering Great Opportunity to Local Companies to Compete with the Global Brands

Companies should look after their Workers’ Health and Wellbeing
Companies are run not only by the managers but by the workers. Therefore, we see every small and large company paying full attention to employee incentives and comfort. If the employees are allowed to work in an uncomfortable, shabby workplace, their productivity is bound to suffer. Most workers will fall sick and retention will be a big issue for such organizations. Keeping all this in mind, working in the World Trade Center or Spire Edge is far more comfortable and memorable experience!

WTC Opened in Manesar to Bring Overall Economic Development
In North India, WTCA opened up the first World Trade Center. The place chosen to build the first eco-city of India is Manesar, a budding township in the Gurgaon district of Haryana. WTCA or the World Trade Center’s Association was formed in 1970 to help the local communities of every country develop economically and infrastructure-wise. With this aim, the WTCA gave shape to the Spire Edge WTC in Manesar. India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world today with an annual GDP of 5.7% as recorded in the second quarter of 2014. Many India based companies as well as global brands have opened their office in the WTC connecting and networking with the prospects to improve conversion rates and sales.

WTC Addressing the Issue of Global Warming

Global warming refers to rising of earth’s temperature due to release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. CO2 and Methane are produced due to burning of fossil fuels by different commercial and industrial units. The emission of these greenhouse gases need to be controlled to reduce carbon footprint on earth. WTC in Manesar is an eco-friendly site using natural solar energy and other eco-friendly technologies to conduct business seamlessly on a regular basis.

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