Top 5 Oil and Gas Directories in the world

The oil and gas industry is one of the most revenue-generating industries in the world. In fact, according to a report by Research and Markets, the global oil & gas industry collected revenue of $1,977,380.6m in 2017. However, the oil and gas industry is also among the most capital-intensive industries in the world. Operations taking place throughout the oil and gas industry incur huge capital investment. A huge chunk of this investment goes into the supply chain and procurement arm of oil and gas companies. Oil and gas directories were essentially developed in the ’00s to help reduce the time and cost involved within this ecosystem. This whole concept then readily went online, giving the oil and gas companies the ability to use it through their desktops, laptops or mobile phones.

In the last decade, a number of online oil and gas directories have flourished in, offering the industry with numerous solutions to address their supply chain and procurement related problems.

Let’s find out which oil and gas directories have emerged as the best go-to platforms for the oil and gas industry in the present times!

Energy Dais

While there were many attempts in the past to actually make an online tool to address it all for the oil and gas industry at a global level, no one did it as efficiently as Energy Dais. This India-based collaborative platform might not have been the first mover in this niche, but it sure came out to be the fastest one. Home to more than 25,000 oil and gas companies, Energy Dais has drastically reduced the time and money involved with procurement with their verified oil and gas directory/database. More than anything, oil and gas companies have leveraged the global visibility that comes complimentary with this platform.

In 2018, the platform saw multi-million transactions from global oil and gas players. With its unique features, Energy Dais has been solving all the challenges in the oil and gas value chain. It not only brings all the industry stakeholders at one place but also aggregates business opportunities through the access of global tenders, projects, RFQs.

The individual category listing of companies according to the products and services allows users to easily find companies and contact them through the platform. They recently launched their oil and gas-centric job portal, in order to address the manpower problem of the industry. Energy Dais’ unique offerings make it worthy for the top position in our list.

Source: Energy Dais Official Website

Oil and Gas Directory Middle East

While Energy Dais plays it at a global level, Oil and Gas Directory Middle East specifically focuses its offerings in the Middle East region. This allowed them to efficiently strengthen their presence in a region which is home to some of the major oil and gas companies.

Source: Oil & Gas Directory Middle East

Over the years, Oil & Gas Directory Middle East has solved major supply chain and procurement problems for companies in the middle east region. The firm has established major listings of products and services for the oil and gas industry. Some of its most popular product qualifications are Oilfield Equipment Suppliers, Oilfield Service Companies, Valves, and others.

Oil and Gas Directory Middle East has very efficiently segregated different oil and gas companies according to alphabets, countries and other classifications. Apart from business listings, this Middle Eastern directory has also aggregated a number of oil and gas industry jobs on their website.


Canada-focused is one of the most prominent oil and gas directories out there. Featuring a comprehensive database, Cossd lists companies according to products and services in more than 1,000 categories. Their website is a simple and sleek one and this directory is a major aggregator of oil and gas companies in Canada.

Source: COSSD

Most of the Canadian oil and gas companies utilize for buying and selling products and services. Over the years, Cossd has proved itself more than an oil and gas directory, expanding into several products and services categories.

Gulf Oil and Gas

More than a decade old, Gulf Oil and Gas is another major oil and gas directory that has been offering impressive solutions to the three sectors of the oil and gas industry, namely upstream, midstream and downstream. This oil and gas directory develops decision support solutions, and also offers online marketing services.

Source: Gulf Oil and Gas

Gulf Oil and operate majorly as a global B2B marketplace for oil and gas and unconventional resources in the world. Though not as efficiently, Gulf Oil and Gas attempts to put it all for the oil and gas industry. It lists out business opportunities such as Tenders, and different products and services offered by oil and gas companies on its platform.

Gulf oil and gas also compiles oil and gas jobs available in the industry for the job seekers, and also allows recruiters to post their job openings at their platform.


This list of oil and gas directories cannot be completed without adding a major oil and gas directory that made its mark on the oil and gas industry in the last decade — Rigzone. This oil and gas directory has established itself as a major go-to platform for oil and gas companies around the world. With offices in Houston, Aberdeen, London, Dubai, Singapore and Perth, Rigzone has tapped almost all of the major global oil and gas market.

Source: Rigzone

Oil and gas jobs are one of the major offerings that Rigzone makes to its clients. This is complemented by a dedicated portal for recruiters who can post the jobs in their firm on Rigzone’s platform. Apart from aggregating and posting jobs, Rigzone also allows different collaborators to feature their courses related to the oil and gas industry under its Training section.

In its equipment section, Rigzone allows companies to put on sale their equipment pertaining to the industry, branding itself as a major marketplace for suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers.

Online Oil and Gas Directories: Enhancing Efficiency

The oil and gas industry is one of the most thriving industries in the world. But it suffers from problems across the entire supply chain. With oil and gas directories trying to address these problems, we can expect a major shift in the way products and services are procured in the oil and gas industry. 2018 was an important year for the oil and gas industry in terms of innovation and collaboration, and it further strengthened the need for such oil and gas directories in the industry. That being said, it’ll be interesting to observe the growth of such directories in the coming times!