Revolution: A Rallying Cry for Entrepreneurs

What’s worse than being in a war? Being in one and not realizing it. Well, we are in a war, one most of us aren't aware of.

This is for the creators. For the artists. For the entrepreneurs. Those who have always had a yearning to go out of their way and help someone else out when they see that they are in need of help. Those who are convinced that their reason for existence, though presently may be unclear, is headed towards something momentous — not just for oneself but for others.

This is for you.

The Problem

What’s worse than being in a war? Being in one and not realizing it.
Well, we are in a war, one most of us aren’t aware of. But don’t fret, war brings out the worst in us, and the best in us. Heroes rise when darkness looms.

This is a call for help.

We need more heroes. The enemy are the corporate giants.
Whether we like it or not, money makes the rules in this world. The ones who have it most can control the game. These are the corporations.

Corporations are inherently not beneficial to the future of our world simply because of their primary goal — to make as much money as it possibly can.

The corporation has become a destructive force. Like a snake, sleek and deceptive — hides under the veil of CSR initiatives and ad campaigns that make you feel good about yourself while causing havoc in many ways, in many places, to many people which of course is kept out of our radar.

The worst part? The presence of corporations are ruining our concept of how business is done. The corporate structure of business, which puts a lot of pressure on the CEO to make as much money for the shareholders as possible to the point of having the CEO bend a few rules, as well as give up certain values and principles along the way, is the true enemy.

As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to fall victim to the deceptive glory

The seemingly unchangeable fact that business has to be done this way is influencing succeeding generations of how they will be doing business. We can’t allow that. We shouldn’t allow that.

The Solution

Here comes the Social Enterprise — a business structure that adds a simple tweak but positively affects every area the business interacts with.

Social enterprises are for-profit organizations that are using relatively new models of business that take human and environmental well-being into consideration.

Just like corporations, social enterprises make a profit too, in fact they also aim to make as much profit as possible. The difference between social enterprises and corporations is that social enterprises are driven by purpose, by their vision, and by their values whilst corporations are purely or only profit-driven. Corporations will often bend beliefs and principles for the sake of profitable gains while social enterprises would stand their ground and weather the storm.

This is not a plea asking you to become a martyr. This is not a plea that asks you, the entrepreneur, to stop aiming for profit, quite the opposite actually. This is a plea to simply embrace humanity. We’re not here to glorify existing social enterprises, purpose-driven companies, and for-profit organizations rather this piece is here to tell you that you can start one yourself by giving consideration to a certain element of business that is being neglected — social impact.

It is easy to neglect this part of the business because no one requires us to. Business are in the game because they want to make money. Simple. No one’s going to ask you to make money while helping people along the way. In fact, doing so might even complicate things. Having a supplier from China that can provide you with thousands of materials per day is so much easier and more convenient than partnering up with a local community and ask them to make the same material. When you partner up with local community, you will need to educate them, teach them, be patient with them. At the end of the day it might not even work. But what if it does?

If a local community becomes your supplier of that one material, you have instantly given this community a source of income. The growth of your business would mean the growth of a community. Amazing, right? But this is the harder path. The ill-advised path. Ask your mentors, and they probably wouldn’t recommend this difficult process when an easier one is available.

We’re asking you to rebel. Stand your ground and be part of this revolution. A revolution that is fighting for that day when your very mentors would no longer disregard social impact. For that day when a company that does not contribute to the development of an individual, of the environment, or of a community — that these business become outcasts.

It can be changed. We can change it. You can change it.

Truth is, companies can now operate without choosing between making money and making social impact. A company can make money while making social impact. That’s why we are pissed at giant corporations. They are simply not doing enough to make our world better. They continue to remain as the deceptive and destructive giants they have always been.

The enemy is that we can go through our whole lives being blind to this fact. We can go through our whole lives not realizing that we could have done something about it. That we could have simply taken steps in making something great, while helping people along the way.

Whether we like it or not, we are involved in this war. If you act, you become a soldier. If you drift through this, you remain a victim. Most importantly — you allow your mom, dad, best friend, and the people closest to you to remain unaware that they too are victims

The Challenge

So here’s the challenge: Whatever it is you have decided to pursue, as you take steps towards doing something great, make sure that ‘something’ leads others to do something greater.

It is essential that entrepreneurs use entrepreneurship as profitable machines that slay anything in their way that stops them from contributing to the development of people, the community, or the environment.

Entrepreneurship should be done to create forces for good. 
When you decide to use sustainable materials to create your product. When you decide to compensate your team members well. When you give attention to the personal development of each of your employees. When you create partnerships with a community. When you consider all these — you start winning.

The growth of one’s enterprise should mean the growth of a community, not its destruction. The development of a product should obliterate problems, not natural resources. When you start caring about these areas of business that are often seen as mere ‘bonus’ points — the tides of war begin shifting.

If every entrepreneur adds social impact to their business model, if every single company is doing this, when this becomes a standard, corporations become the black sheep. They start to stand out. Their destruction is magnified. People start abandoning them. As a result, the market forces their hand.

Be an entrepreneur. Create something great that helps others. Change the market. The market forces corporations to change their ways. Win the war.

We Want You

We need you.
We need you to win your own battles. You win not by not by staging rallies. You win not through protests. You win when you understand that it is up to you to outgun corporate giants, when you decide to take control of your life.

You win when you take action despite the voices of fear, doubts, and insecurities ringing inside your head, trying to pummel down your confidence.

You win when you decide that you’re meant to solve problems, when you know you’re supposed to create something that benefits many.
Maximizing profit is easy, its nothing personal, its just business. It’s stable, it’s the standard, it’s the normal way of doing things.

But we urge you: Rebel against stability. Rebel against “normal”.
Rebel against convention. Build something great. Build it while creating social impact.

Make the dive. Take the risk. #DespiteTheFear

Call to Action

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