You cannot stop them doing it, but you can make it safer.

Safe Driving Is Like Safe Sex: It’s All About Protection.

Unprotected sex is dangerous — so is unprotected driving.

Contraceptives, coupled with sex education in High Schools, have significantly decreased teenage pregnancy rates across the United States. While promoting abstinence is a nice ideal, research has overwhelmingly shown that it simply doesn’t work.

Similarly, promoting an abstinence approach to Distracted Driving — don’t text, don’t email — is less effective than taking protective measures.

Condoms prevent accidents in the bedroom. A similar protective measure is needed to prevent crashes on the road. Condoms have revolutionized sex and are cost-effective. We need an equivalently revolutionary and cost-effective technology to curb the dangers of Distracted Driving.

Welcome to messageLOUD, a protective technology for safer driving. What condoms are to safe sex, messageLOUD is to safer driving.

Why do we believe in our product when other attempts to apply technology to this problem have failed?

We identify the core problem.

The core problem is FOMO — The Fear Of Missing Out. A burning desire to check that unread message will not be squelched by an abstinence pledge. Abstinence, frankly, does not address your textual needs. The anxiety that comes with missing out is too powerful to overcome. Without identifying and addressing the core problem, we will never be able to thwart the horrors caused by Distracted Driving.

Our technology addresses the core problem.

Bluetooth has made your phone conversations safer while driving. Our technology makes receiving your messages safer while driving, preventing FOMO while maintaining safety. Other technological solutions — say, Siri or Google Now — are too complicated and often exacerbate the problem. messageLOUD automatically reads your texts and emails out loud, simply, safely, and soundly.

This graph, prepared by the AAA, demonstrates that anything more than ‘listening’ enters into the medium-to-high distraction categories.

We know how to make you a safer driver.

Our technology reads messages out loud without offering distracting navigation menus, dangerous message composition tools, or bewildering voice activation. Your safe interaction with messageLOUD is akin to interacting with your car radio, navigation system, or climate control.

Like a condom, we at messageLOUD have got you covered.

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