Did you know you get your important messages while training in the pool?

After a typical manic startup morning, I headed to the pool for an hours swim training early this afternoon.

With my BlueAnt Pump waterproof Bluetooth headphones on, I fired up a favorite station on Spotify and set the @messageLOUD Android app to Active mode. (Phone safely in my bag by the side of the pool of course.)

During my hours training, each time a I received an email, WhatsApp or text message, messageLOUD paused my music, gave me sender, subject and 10 seconds of the message, before returning me to my Spotify tunes. All without pausing my laps even for a second. That’s true messaging freedom.

The same goes for running, cycling, at the gym, or any other activity where checking your phone is distracting and inconvenient. (Just walking down the street?)

As a CEO, its important that I know what’s going, especially with so many moving parts in hyper speed and for stress relief, exercise is the best medicine.

Some folks think that disconnecting is relaxing, if you can truly switch off in the middle of your day, good for you. I cannot.

So fast forward to an hour later, I’m relaxed, up to speed and attacking my day with a renewed energy level.

Great technology at work.

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