Safe Driving Speaks Many Languages

Lost In Translation No More: messageLOUD in Spanish

We created messageLOUD to make driving safer for everyone. Today, we have taken a giant leap forward in achieving that goal.

We are honored to announce that messageLOUD, the eyes-free smartphone app that automatically reads your texts, WhatsApp messages, and email out loud so you can drive safely, is now available in Spanish. Simply activate messageLOUD and all of your Spanish messages are read out loud automatically. Viva la Vida!

While we haven’t reached everyone yet, with English and now Spanish, we are well on our way, especially in our primary market, the USA.

“Distracted driving is a global pandemic that we have to tackle in every country, in every language. We have a great technology solution that can save lives, reduce crashes and lessen billions of dollars in insurance claims,” says Garin Toren, CEO & Founder of messageLOUD.

Safety barriers are essential on the road, but we believe that a language barrier should never get in the way of safety. Be sure to listen in as we perpetually update messageLOUD, enabling it to read messages in more and more languages so that driving could indeed be safer for everyone.

messageLOUD, now reading all your messages in English and Spanish, is available for download at the Google Play Store.

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