A Global Possession: The Newspaper

Everybody owns their own newspaper, because everybody owns their own page of interest in the 25 “society-pages”, be it nation’s politics, lifestyle, horoscope, movie reviews, sports, columns by learnt men and women, stocks, property, job interviews or the matrimonial pages. No matter who we are; where we belong to; whether we live on a sultry platform or in a luxurious bungalow; for most of us, the day starts with knowing what’s up with the world, even before knowing what’s up with our neighbour next door.

Newspaper has become a part of our heritage. The Newspaper is to WordPress what Walkman is to the iPod. In a world of globalisation, everyone is quite conscious about their awareness. To satisfy this want, for the middle-class, it’s the three-rupee newspaper, while for the rich it’s the popping notification of the TOI or Inshorts Application, both in the language they understand. The well-off may boast the free news they choose to get on their gadget, but the less fortunate affords the single digit expense of the original newspaper.

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