Because I Deduce to the Different Distant

Amongst a whole shoal of clownfish,

To prove them I was not selfish,

Just because I was different,

Didn’t mean I was not as fish.

Wanting to fin like the orange did,

But just could not fit in

They said I am ticketed as dissimilarity,

But Mother related me to the distant sea.

Alike me the sea is different and allay,

where the corals darling the wave’s ballet

no traces of sea life that is dead and grey

filled with azure elixir all the way

Rays of light crossing sapphire and blue ruby

still as deep as space maybe

Brightening my yellow with cinderella cerulean

As subtle as a fangled baby

In the delicate marine gorgeousness

is my destiny, my uniqueness

for I was destined to be distinct

and fathom a path to greatness.