Message in a bottle to My Lost Friend

We were learning how to draw a line,

When I got your back and you got mine.

You and I, gelled so well

Every time, I would ring your door bell.

Whenever I wanted to talk,

Or felt sad or blue,

You accompanied me those serene walks

Giving your honest point of view.

Such happy memories of happiness I devoured,

And moments of hurt we suffered together

Let me thus give my friendship a name;

To inscribe on my heart’s fame.

I wish to title it “time”,

Somewhat like the law of Einstein,

For it may have variables,

but valued beside an equal sign.

For it shall never end and never lose pristine.

It is a friendship that caused fate huge amazement,

leading destiny to give us this assessment;

Two caring souls, who had never parted

To stay far at a distance that long roads charted.

Home is a place so known,

A place I can call my own,

But what worth is this new big home on the eighth floor,

If I cannot hear you past the door?