The Cost of Our Weddings
Meghan Nesmith

As a dyed in the wool holiday/celebration grinch I declined to have a wedding. But we still ended up spending some money on everything anyway. I bought a new dress that I still occasionally wear at a surf shop for $60. I think my husband already owned the clothes he was wearing. The marriage licence was about $45 dollars and paying to have one of the clerks marry us was another $45. We got simple palladium wedding bands that came out to around $1000. Mine was like 1/2 of the price of my husband’s because apparently he has giant sausage fingers. We also hired a photographer — a student who had just graduated from Brooks (which seems like a wedding photographer factory) for $500. That was probably the funniest part because she said since we were getting married in the middle of the day she had to take the day off anyway so did we want pictures on the beach before hand (yes, of course), and then after the ceremony my husband tried to buy her a beer and she was like “I’m not 21”.

Looks like $1650. There was also some money (in the 100’s) related to name changes — cost way more for my husband since he had dual citizenship but I honestly don’t remember what it was.

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