Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

As per usual I need more weekend. I don’t think I estimated last week. I also binge watched all of Big Little Lies this weekend in between everything so anyone who wants to discuss that show I’m ready.

Let me think. Friday night. Went to the gym with my husband. Came home. Made dinner with food already in the house.

Saturday. Morning = lazy tv and laundry while my husband was surfing. Afternoon we went out to lunch ($45 because we also ordered beers), ice skating and then to costco $100. Night = in town wedding. $0. Sent a gift ahead of time, got picked up by a friend who doesn’t drink. Oh my husband might have tipped the bar tender in cash but I can’t swear to that. I didn’t bring a wallet so I’ll assume he did.

Sunday 4 field hockey games. Which I usually love but I slept funny on my neck so the helmet didn’t feel great to wear for that long. My friend bought me lunch so $0. Came home, became a couch stain for a couple of hours and then made pizza.

Somehow I feel like $200 is a standard weekend spend for me, so … go me?

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