Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

As usual I have no idea. Also maybe as usual I thought I was going to have a semi quiet weekend and then yesterday 3 friends were like I’m last minute coming into town this weekend let’s do stuff! Sigh, I am not good at mellow weekends.

I need to get my car registered (runs out tomorrow) and smogged (so stupid I hate the DMV with all of my heart, why do I need to smog a car with a known cheating switch? Die in 10 fires VW and DMV). Then I will maybe see some friends who are in town? My husband is doing support for this fundraiser for a local guy with cancer so I don’t need to worry about entertaining him. Not that I really worry, but he’ll be off shore and thus unable to contribute to my weekend spending. :)

Sunday is all day hockey. I’m gonna say 2–300 bucks (don’t remember what smogging costs?) and hope that covers everything.

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