Oh my god, that must’ve been MADDENING.
Businesslady {Courtney C.W. Guerra}

At first it was selfishly maddening. Like I was the most mad about me. And it was super obvious that there was a clear sexist trend in payroll.

But then I looked at everyone (250 employees and I could see everyone’s wage, except the CEO who I’m sure had some kind different pay structure anyway) and there was just so much unfairness across the board. My direct boss who I loved and would defend to the death was making less than 50% of his counter analogue in another part of the business and was like, so much better at his job and more professional and had more experience. Our VP just didn’t like him.

And then I fixed up my resume and started applying to other jobs because fuck that place. :) (That was 3 jobs ago)

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