Where Should You Move if You Want to Earn Money? How About if You Want to Save It?
Nicole Dieker

I didn’t at all think about how much money I was going to make. I moved here for grad school but I applied to grad school here because it was somewhere I wanted to live, and they had a program I wanted. I didn’t expect to stay, but then I loved it, peaced out of academia, and met my husband. Aside from the cost of living (minor detail, right?) this place is perfect. I can play my favorite sports (field and ice hockey) he can do his favorite stuff (surfing/sailing/mountain biking), the traffic is minor and the weather is great.

The brief moment I considered moving was when a bay area recruiter contacted me to see if I would move up there for a great job with almost my exact background desired. My husband would have been able to transfer up there and kept his job/salary/benefits. We would have still had access to our favorite activities. They were having trouble getting anyone to move there so I told the recruiter I’d take the job if they gave me a downpayment on a property so I didn’t have to sell my house. They didn’t bite, but if they had I almost would have had to.