Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

I estimated $200, but I think I came in under that. Friday I went to happy hour to meet up with some hockey teammates and spent $15 bucks. I got 2000 dollars while I was there (I wish they would stop giving me cash) towards next season’s league fees and jerseys. Still owed about 5000 from the rest of the team. Ice hockey is stupid expensive you guys. I’m not counting any of that towards my estimate though, except the beers. I stopped by Costco and only spent $88 dollars. I’m shocked the door monitors don’t send you back inside when you spend under 100.

We had dinner at home. Next morning I made waffles and intended to have a beach day with the mutts but the marine layer was in full effect so I settled for a long walk on the beach instead of reading a book while they tried to dig to china. My husband went to play disc golf with his cousin and came back with a house full of buzzed bros who also brought their own margarita ingredients so we made burgers and hung out in the back yard for a couple of hours. I think I spent 0 dollars the entire day? Seems crazy.

Sunday I drove down to field hockey where two more girls paid me back for that league (we’re now in week 6, it’s a good thing this one is a cheap league so the under employed 20 somethings who I play with that can’t pay me back right away don’t ruin my budget). I bought lunch in between my second and third games $13 and stopped for some snacks and juice on the way home $20. Then I made pizza for dinner because that’s how Sundays go at my house. Looks like $136 total.

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