Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

I had a long weekend since I took friday off to drive up to Nor Cal for a wedding. I think we did end up getting gas twice so around 100$ for that. On the way up we stopped once for icees and peanut m&m’s. $5. We meet one of our friends at the Russian River Brewing Company and spent about $50 bucks on beer to take home, and then another $50 bucks on beer and apps there. It should have been significantly more, but my husband spotted a good friend/long lost ex coworker in the kitchen who apparently took a bunch of stuff off of our bill. Then we made it the rest of the way to Healdsburg to stay with a friend who refused to come meet us in Oakland a night early so we all went to her. $0.

Saturday we all woke up with hangovers because this group is dangerous when together. My husband and I walked to a local deli and bought breakfast sandwiches for everyone. $40. Then we drove down to oakland where we tried to check into the block of rooms we reserved (wanted to be together) but only one room was ready at 2pm and apparently other people were still in the rooms reserved for us from the night before? I don’t know. Then we went on a french fry hunt where another friend paid. $0. Back to the one room to shower and get ready — as a group! Because of course the rooms still weren’t ready to go. Well, at this point we had one more. Got ready, walked to wedding. On the way out canceled the rest of the rooms which still were occupied? So we ended up with one extra friend in our room that night. Not tragic, just weird. Wedding was great, didn’t make it to the afterparty so $0. (No cabs to be found, two of my friends were wearing very non walking shoes)

Next morning paid for our share of the hotel + parking ($120) and then got coffee + a muffin for myself and my husband down the street. $10. Stopped about an hour south to see a friend and got some pizza and drinks and played boccie for a while. Stayed long enough that we ended up stopping for dinner in Paso Robles $35.

So…$410? I don’t have a clue what I estimated. Also I need a nap.

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