Monday Check In
Megan Reynolds

I had an excellent weekend which was necessary for my own sanity.

Friday: worked out with my husband, came home, made dinner and watched brainless tv. $0

Saturday: Got up, made breakfast. (egg bake thing — already had ingredients) 0$. Went to costco $100, went ice skating 0$. Came home and baked (sourdough, lemon poppy seed muffins) while my husband finally finished some shelves that he started a few weeks ago. (It was finally sunny enough for the stain to dry on a weekend day) $40 dollars because he needed to replace some tool that I wasn’t listening when he explained. Something about Sanding? Who cares. Manicure/ pedicure $60 with tip. Made dinner at home 0$

Sunday was all sports all the time. Got up, drove to Moorpark for my first game at 9. Played another game at 11. Went out to lunch with some of my women’s team. $14. Noticed my gas light was on (oops?) so filled up, $30. Came home, made dinner for everyone, watched The Walking Dead (which is just a terrible show, but my husband loves it, so I keep watching) made some coffee and went to my ice hockey game that started at 945. Puke. Got home at midnight.

All in all excellent but I hate our league manager for giving my team the late game 6 out of the first 7 weeks of the season.

Estimated $200, spent $244.

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