Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I haven’t been estimating because my weekends feel so up in the air in the summer (no hockey to work around!) and this weekend is no different. It depends how much I stay home and binge watch the Olympics versus go out and enjoy Fiesta. ( I want to watch as much field hockey as possible (so not that much) and then water polo and then…anything other than men’s soccer. I lasted 15 minutes into a game yesterday before someone started rolling around on the ground pretending that contact sports hurt and why is that a thing? Men’s soccer, you’re the very worst.

Anyway fiesta is dangerous for spending because it’s the kind of party that gets out of hand super slow and suddenly you’ve been drinking terrible margaritas for 6 hours and there’s so much confetti in your hair and everyone you’ve ever marginally considered a friend is there … luckily most places only take cash so there’s an easy control on how many tamales you can eat from stands.

Let’s say $300 bucks and hope it’s under that.

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