Friday Estimate!
Ester Bloom

I’m the worst at Friday estimates. My week is so structured that I have a hard time sticking to any plan on the weekend. Tonight should be no money — my friend is bringing over tamales from the tamale lady who comes to her work. I feed her all the time so she’s picking up tamales for the fam. Tomorrow my friend who works in both LA and SF is stopping by my house as he does on a bi annual basis and brining Dim Sum. Amazing because you can’t get the good stuff in Santa Barbara. Sunday field hockey starts up again so I should be getting a big chunk of money back (people paying me back for their portion of the team fee which I paid a few weeks ago). I’ll get lunch after my games because I always do — $15 ish. At some point I’ll try to get to costco and probably spend 50–100 dollars. Let’s say $200 for the weekend because something is going to come up.