I have no delusions of college scholarships for sports, and really for a non-football/basketball player the ROI is non-existent
Well, as a person who just made her first payment for travel soccer, I can tell you that I…

I obviously have no idea how talented your child is at soccer but this statement isn’t entirely true. As a girl who played a sport that has never been professional on this continent I’d say there’s more money out there for college sports than you might think. I ended up playing D3 sports because the major I wanted would have been impossible / difficult while playing a D1 sport. As you probably know D3 is non scholarship for athletics. That doesn’t mean that a lot of D3 athletes don’t get non athletic scholarships. You can potentially get into a better school than your grades might imply and the athletic department can work with the financial aid office to get you a better package.

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