Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I think I spent 90% of my weekend cooking, or watching 75% of Stranger Things (side bar: so much from that show to talk about wrt money).

Saturday morning I made brunch for me, husband, Dad, MIL and FIL. All ingredients were staples save bacon bought earlier in the week (plus fresh orange juice from our backyard tree) so $0. Trip to costco came to $100, went out to lunch $35 (for 2 people, with beers), then took the dogs to get shots $46. Stopped by 70th birthday party on a boat (in the harbor) so dinner $0.

Sunday I hosted a brunch for a friend from out of town. I made two quiches one with meat and one with out and coffee. Everyone brought something to share including insane amounts of champagne and oj which was gone by 1 pm. $0 Backyard brunch >>> restaurant brunch. Then I biked to the beach did a quick hard swim and biked home in time to make dinner for 8 (me, husband, my dad, his parents, his aunt and uncle and a family friend). I don’t usually use paper plates but this weekend they saved my sanity.

I didn’t estimate because my weekend was totally dictated by the presence of inlaws and I had no idea what the vaccinations would cost, but I ended up spending …looks like about $180.

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