Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

I too spent more than expected last weekend. It’s sometimes hard to not because I’m in a better place financially than I was a year ago (my current job pays about 13% better than my previous job) and I’m absorbing things like last month when my water heater died with out putting it on a card or even really dipping into savings (just saved less) so when there’s stuff I want I’m like “yeah I can have that” Also last weekend I acquired like 300–400 bucks in cash from people paying me back and as we’ve discussed here before cash feels like cheating. You spend it but you never see on what in mint.

So Friday night I went to a party my gym was throwing at a fancyish bar to celebrate a year of new ownership. $0! They paid for a couple of rounds and then we took off home and I made dinner and hung out with my husband/the dogs.

Saturday we went to Costco and picked up some necessities (frozen fruit for smoothies, new outdoor solar lights for the front path, some Kirkland tequila to infuse with habanero, socks, ect) and spent about 150 bucks. Then we spent another 150 at sports authority which is going bankrupt. Nothing we super needed but like, new gym shoes, some work out clothes — stuff we would have bought anyway over the next 6 months but at 30% off. Would have been dumb NOT to buy it right? (no, probably wrong). We tried to go to a local cider/mead tasting room but it had super weird hours and I didn’t check yelp so instead we went to banana republic to see if they were having a sale and my husband stocked up on work pants which he does once a year to the tune of 200 bucks.

Sunday I spent 0 dollars. Just beach, dogs, book and topped the weekend off with an ice hockey game. Oh, no I’m a liar, I spent 2.25 on coffee because 10 pm games SUCK.

So I estimated 200 and spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 500. At least I brought lunch to work today?

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