Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I went over my estimate but mostly because the Chimney/fireplace guy cost more than I thought it might. Also he was an hour an a half late, but what can you do?

So Friday night was a quiet night at home. Slept in Saturday, opted to skip the bike ride so we’d be home for the chimney dude. Ha. Joke’s on us. Anyway he came, did his thing and left $300 dollars later. We made breakfast at home and met up with some friends. Drove up to the valley, took them to a winery where we’re members, dropped $100 on wine. Went to their pre-release party and had some more great wine. Went out to dinner and I think spent about $75?

Sunday slept in, made breakfast. Made some spicy chicken stock to cook the rest of the week with. Loaded up the dogs and a book and went to the beach for a few hours. $0. Came home, washed the dogs (they attempted to take all of the sand home from the beach in their fur) and jetted over to hockey. $0 for beers, brats and 2 hours of pick up 3 on 3. Being a goalie is the best. Now I’m sore because pick up 3 on 3 for 2 hours means a lot of shots.

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