I found all my numbers on google. It’s new, take a look.

If all of your suggestions were as simple to achieve as they were to say wouldn’t more than 40% of Americans (per the cnn story being commented on) be able to save up $500?

Sometimes you make low wages because you didn’t have a good education. Maybe it’s your fault, or maybe circumstances in your life made it more difficult or impossible. Maybe you can’t get a second job, because your low paying job is in fast food or retail and your manager doesn’t give you consistent hours so it’s hard to find a place that will work around your main job. Maybe you can’t afford a car so you’re stuck working in places you can walk to or take public transport. Maybe you have kids, or aging parents who need to be cared for or help with daily tasks. Maybe you’re disabled. Maybe you don’t have the resources to move to a place where your life would be easier.

Instead of assuming that 60% of Americans are idiots who can’t be trusted to make good financial choices imagine the things that make it difficult for those choices to be made.

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