Make up is so complicated.

It is, right? I almost aggressively never wear makeup — much to the chagrin of my own mother. I’ll wear it like 5 times a year for weddings, or random fancy occasions that I get suckered into. In which case it’s like eye liner, mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick. Foundation makes me feel claustrophobic. Also I feel like the color of my face is always changing depending on how much time I’ve spent outside and then do I have to have a bunch of different colors and decide which one to put on my face before the coffee has even kicked in?

I used to have a boss that would ask me if I didn’t get enough sleep occasionally. We were kind of friends so I’d just say, like “No I just look bad today, thanks for letting me know”. Then maintain strict eye-contact until one of us laughed. The hilarious part was every time he’d say that I’d end up getting sick the next day. Clock work.

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