Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

It’s not going to be a relaxing weekend.

Today I’ll have some margaritas and lecture the world on the Battle of the Puebla as per tradition. Also packing up for next week because I won’t be home until next Friday.

Tomorrow. Mani/pedi (50 including tip), ice skating, go out to lunch (20) drive down to my Husband’s company party. It’s usually fancy attire but this year they decided super casual which I’m totally ok with. Hotel (free) , dinner (free), open bar (free)

Sunday: For most of the day literally no idea. I have tickets at 6 pm for this:

and then I have a red eye out of LAX but between waking up with a hangover and 6pm I’m open to whatever. So. At least 70 bucks and maybe 200? Hard to say.