Do you come from the school of argument where you respond to one part of an argument, kinda-refute…
Jay Sun

Nope, I never claimed moral superiority.

Fair point re: anecdote. Here’s some information the first two links you get when you google “who gets late term abortions”:

Here’s a part I hadn't even considered.

Physical abuse or rape by a partner increased the likelihood of later abortion, with 13.7 percent of abortion patients who’d experienced second-trimester procedures (compared with 10 percent of women who hadn’t). Other disruptive life events — loss of a job or a partner, for example — were likewise linked to later abortions. Of abortion patients who’d experienced three disruptive events in the last year, 14.8 percent got later-term abortions.

Let’s be honest here. My feelings are heavily influenced by the experiences of people close to me. If I knew how to turn off empathy it would be easy to avoid that, but I don’t.

The second link has more feelings :

“Medical research from the Guttmacher Institute shows that post-21-week terminations make up less than 2 percent of all abortions in this country. Women like me can seem an exception. You also rarely hear stories like mine, because they involve intensely private sorrow and because there is no small amount of shame still associated with terminating a pregnancy, no matter how medically necessary.

The consequences of the House bill, if it becomes law, will be inhumane. If the restrictions in this bill had been the law of the land when my husband and I received our diagnosis, I would have had to carry to term and give birth to a baby who the doctors concurred had no chance of a real life and who would have faced severe, continual pain. The decision my husband and I made to terminate the pregnancy was made out of love — to spare my son pain and suffering.”

So yeah, when you want to throw out a quote that equates abortion to moral low ground? I’m not impressed.