Showing Your Financial Brushstrokes
Rosamund Lannin

One of my coworkers and I have this joke that we’re ballers because we can always afford to order a side of guacamole. Large, even if you don’t need a large.

Those of you who read my #billfoldlivejournal know that at the start of the year I left a job I really liked for a 20% pay raise with a new company. Then a month ago that company got bought out. When that happened we all kept our base pay (we’re salaried) but then also every billable hour we work we get an extra $10 an hour with this new place. So even if you only work 75% billable that’s a $15,000 a year increase. For basically what amounts to the same job I did last year, except most of the time I do it from my couch now. So I do feel like I’m killing it these days.

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