Lol. I don’t feel like a source is needed because it’s mostly common sense.

So again a number without a source. What % of that spending was done by cooperations? I’ve worked in companies where everyone got a new cell phone every two years. Some people chose to have a cell and work phone for privacy reasons. I have a good friend who has 3 cells. Personal, and then an iphone and an android for work because she works with tech companies and her employer finds it necessary to match the technology used to the client they are interacting with.

What people consider common sense or common knowledge isn’t always correct. That’s why it’s important to explain your logic. You think it’s common sense that people just spend too much money on things they don’t need, like new fancy cell phones. I think that rising costs of housing and goods and stagnant wages make it hard for people to spend money. You think cells are an unnecessary expense, I think that it’s nearly impossible to operate in the world without one. Have you ever tried to apply for a job, or a rental without a contact number? Do you want to respond to linkedin messages right away? Need to find directions to an interview? Not everyone buys the newest model, but they aren’t really made to last more than a couple of years. What’s the longest you’ve ever kept the same smart phone? I always buy last years, and my income alone is in the top 84% of Americans.

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