Excuse the generalality of my words as a quick viewpoint.

There is, it’s just not simple. I maybe should have said that I’m a jades tree hugger who assumes the worst of people. Everyone needs to buy less stuff/create less trash. Since that’s not just going to happen there would need to be some mechanism (government interference?) to incentivise businesses to adopt green practices. Here’s an easy example: If every beer and soda maker in the country had the same bottles (glass) and you had to return them (like you paid a deposit on them? something?) they could be washed and refilled. You wouldn’t have to make new glass or plastic bottles anymore (or you’d make way less) and you’d use significantly less resources transporting, washing and reusing them. But you can’t make coke and pepsi and bud light have the same exact bottles! This is America! These colors don’t run! Don’t tread on me!

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