Who will grow up and be your gardeners, your housekeepers, your fruit-pickers and janitors and bus drivers, if you keep the current generation of working-class people from having kids?
A Vigorous Defense of The Right to Have Kids, Whether You Can “Afford” To Or Not
Ester Bloom

This is totally my fucked up thought when people argue that poor people shouldn’t have kids. Do you think the next generation of rich/middle class kids want to do shitty jobs people without better opportunities end up doing? Even though we all know a non zero number of people born into poverty can claw their way out the majority will be the next group of people who have the jobs no one wants.

Also can you imagine what it would do to elder care or future generations if we were all popping out kids well under the replacement rate? Instead of 2.1 or whatever it was 0.33?