Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Tonight I’m hoping to lay low because I am exhausted from this week. It dawned on me that field hockey is starting up again SOON so I extra destroyed my legs at the gym all week and then skated for two hours last night and walking up the stairs at my office this morning was like “nope”. So really tonight I’m hoping to just sit very still and have my dogs fetch me things. (Note: they do not fetch me things) I have leftovers and things to cook for dinner so there’s no reason to spend any money. (Ha, I’ve said that before)

Tomorrow I might go for a longish bike ride with my husband (shhhh) OR a short bike ride to the farmer’s market. Kinda depends on how we feel. There’s a dude coming over to do some minor repairs on our chimney which I think will be under $200 but you never really know until they leave your house what the bill will be. Then we’re gonna cruise up to the valley (Santa Ynez valley, since we all have our own “the valley” in California) to go to a wine tasting/pick up party with friends who are members at a winery. We’ll also stop at a winery or two where we’re members and do some free tastings. Hurrah. I assume we’ll get dinner up there, but I’m not sure how much we’ll spend. My friend wants to try a fancy Italian place but her husband doesn’t want to spend that much money so dinner could be $50 for my husband and I or $100. It’s unclear.

Sunday my husband is working so I’ll do my favorite non hockey sunday plan which is beach, dogs, books and stopping somewhere for lunch. $30?

I’m hoping for under $300 but we’ll see.

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